Guidelines for Choosing the Right Mattress for Shoulder Pain

Before choosing a foam mattress, given the wide range of alternatives on the market, it is highly recommended to try several, so you will understand faster which one is more suitable for you. When choosing your mattress, you must absolutely take into consideration the following, to be comfortable, the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain must be at least 10-12 cm high and yield a little to properly accommodate the body of the person lying on it. At the same time, however, the mattress must necessarily be rigid enough to be able to support your body perfectly. The mattresses should be carefully chosen according to their needs as they have to ensure comfort and above all a correct posture.

Latex mattress

The latex is a natural emulsion obtained from the rubber plant, used as primary compound for the production of mattresses. It can also be synthetic and there are models composed of a mix of natural and synthetic latex. These models are ideal for those who move a lot in their sleep, because latex effectively and quickly absorbs body movements, encouraging an uninterrupted and restful sleep.

Memory foam mattress

With this material the air circulation is generally lower, so the body’s heat tends to remain imprisoned in the mattress, which makes them suitable for cold people or cold climates. It is a very flexible material, which allows a good distribution of pressure during rest. Easily adapting to the contours of the body, this foam is also ideal for slender people. Adapting well to the body, make movements in sleep less frequently.

Spring mattress

They are the most traditional. The heart of the mattress is formed by springs that guarantee elasticity and solidity. The springs allow good ventilation and make these mattresses generally suitable for those who sweat a lot and live in very hot areas in summer. As they adapt well to the pressure of the body they are good for all weights, even for the most robust people.


As for stiffness, it is important to select slightly stiff mattresses. Mattresses that are excessively soft may not provide adequate support for our backs during sleep and in some cases. They could also cause us discomfort and pain as such shoulder pain and muscle pain.